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VC Investment Down, But Acquisitions Up?

A recent “Silicon Forest Blog� notes that VC investment in US companies is down by 7 percent from the first three months of last year.

While it’s too early to forecast a trend in funding, it is interesting to compare this data point with the recent acquisition – say, in the last 3 to 4 months – of EDA companies. Here’s my very unofficial short list:

  • Syplicity-Hardi acquired by Synopsys
  • ChipEstimate acquired by Cadence
  • Novas acquired by Springsoft (parent company)
  • Ansoft acquired by Ansys (simulation sw)
  • Sirific Wireless acquired by Icera Inc (SDR modem chipsets)
  • Sabio Labs acquired by Magma Design
  • AMIS (parts of LSI and AD) acquired by ON SemiconductorNovelics joint deal with Synopsys

These two data sets seem to beg the question: Are the number of available EDA start-ups actually shrinking? Does anyone really know?

BTW: I have some interesting data of my own (thx to sources that I’ll share later). Look for that in the next few weeks.

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