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EDN has a Potential Buyer?

From Min online:

Last week the B2B industry was shaken by the news that Reed Business Information was being put up for sale by parent company Reed Elsevier. Today, it was reported by the Times of London, that RBI might have a potential suitor: private equity firm Apax Partners. According to, a spokesperson for Apax’s New York office would not comment on this possible development.

Apax currently owns the B2B media company Incisive Media; in December, it acquired, in partnership wtih Guardian Media Corp., Emap’s B2B division. Last August Incisive purchased ALM Media for $630 million. (more)

2 Responses to “EDN has a Potential Buyer?”

  1. Lou Covey Says:

    Not too sure this is good news for EDN. Incisive currently has no electronics industry books, but that’s not because none are available. Their previous acquisitions have been in everything tech but electronics and the EDN business is not that great. If EDN disappears, Chip Design and EDA Tech Forum could be the only print pubs covering EDA.

  2. John Blyler Says:

    Hi Lou. The landscape is quickly changing, as you know. Economies of scale are helping the few remaining print pubs for now, but a new content model that has the Internet (fixed and mobile) as a key component is the future. Which is one of the reasons why I’m collaborating with your “New Tech Press.”

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