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Darth Vader as Tomorrow’s Blogger

Good blog by Debra on the McBru site about the way in which engineers use the Internet for their work: Technologists as Laggards
“A study just out by reveals that only 3-4% of engineers surveyed said they used RSS feeds or podcasts to get information. But they aren’t using traditional trade magazines either. What’s king now? The vendor’s own website; 84% said they used supplier websites for work-related purposes. Blogs were doing a little better than other new media, 13% said they used blogs for work. Webcasts are also up-and-coming; 23% said they had attended a webcast.”

My experience is that Google remain the first Internet tool-of-choice for most chip and board design engineers.

Ah, Google! Our liberator and our master. Consider a recent article in Wired by Nicholas Carr, a.k.a high tech’s Captain Buzzkill: Do You Trust Google? His basic thesis is that “computer are technologies of liberation, but they’re also technologies of control. It’s great that everyone is empowered to write blogs, upload videos to YouTube, and promote themselves on Facebook. But as systems become more centralized — as personal data becomes more exposed and data-mining software grows in sophistication — the interests of control will gain the upper hand. If you’re looking to monitor and manipulate people, you couldn’t design a better machine.”

What does this portend for the future? Will bloggers and other web denizens eventually – knowingly or not – submit their humanity to the machine? Will they give way to the dark side of the force, becoming little more than storm troopers who reinforce with words the dictates of their seemingly benevolent media masters? Perhaps the personage of Darth Vader will be the essence of tomorrow’s blogger? (OK, I’m starting to digress. Really must stop writing blogs so late at night…. — JB

One Response to “Darth Vader as Tomorrow’s Blogger”

  1. Lou Covey Says:

    It’s interesting that technology companies want to reach the early adopters, but continue to rely on laggard media to reach their market. The early adopters are generally described as the 3-4 percent on the left side of the market bell curve and as the study shows, 3-4 percent are using blogs to gather information. So could that mean that the engineers companies really want to reach are the ones using RSS. Might be something tho consider.

    The Google addicts are the laggards.

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