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The Dangerous Tome of Dr. Ray

Are you ready for the long awaited sequel to “Mysteries of Reproducible Chip Design!” Can today‚Äôs chip masters really rearrange the atomic structure of matter to do their bidding? What is the previously hidden relationship between the intricate design of nano-technology chips and the fine art of master painters, like Rothko “White Center?” (see figure) What if these and other secrets fall into the wrong hands? How can the revelations of the high tech masters be protected from undesirable intentions?
Rothko - White Center

The answers to these questions lie hidden in a recently acquired manuscript of the illusive Dr. Ray. Through adventures and editorial license too terrible to mention, I’ve gained exclusive rights to publish portions of his cryptic tome. All will be revealed to those who can read between the lines – in the upcoming issue of Chip Design magazine!


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