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DFM Feels Pull from EDA and Semi Worlds

Last week, Cadence announced its acquisition of Clear Shape, which caused quite a stir in the DFM community. For example, Dave Reed, VP of Marketing and Bus Dev for Blaze DFM, had this to say about the announcement:

“DFM problem-reporting tools from vendors like Clear Shape are only valuable if they are incorporated into some other company’s overall optimization solution, so this is a good move for them. Designers have a strong need for an overall electrical DFM solution that includes optimization. We continue to believe that the best solutions will come from pure-play electrical DFM companies that remain focused on this area.?

But what about the world outside of EDA, say, the semiconductor equipment manufacturers? These folks have as much in stake in DFM as their EDA cousins. Indeed, there are continuing rumors that several of the more prominent DFM startups may soon be acquired by the equipment vendors rather than EDA companies. This would make sense in terms of the shifting boundaries between EDA tools and semiconductor equipment manufacturers.

BTW: Has anyone noticed what Mentor is doing with Sierra? May be another piece of the DFM puzzle is falling into place.

What do you think? — John

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