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Move over Multicore: Solid State Drives Are the Next Killer Technology

ScanDisk SSDThere is growing consensus that the next surge in the semiconductor market will be in solid state drive (SSD) technology. Dell has just started selling SSDs in selected notebook computers. Within a couple of years, all laptops may come with such drives. Perhaps this is the motivation from IBMs recent sell-off of its disk drive division to Hitachi (thx for the insight, Garry).

More supporting evidence for the potential growth of solid state drives can be found in a recent iSuppli report:

“Beyond 2007, the prospects for NAND are notably brighter as the PC market moves into the era of flash-based Solid State Drives (SSDs). However, the major NOR suppliers, with their destiny still tied to the mobile-phone market, continue to lack a new killer application that could drive a recovery.? To learn more about this report, please visit iSuppli

(Pictured is the SanDisk SSD SATA 5000 2.5″)

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