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When tradegy meets reality

The loss of Air France flight 447 is a tragedy principally in terms of human life, but also in the possible knock-on effect that it could have in the high-tech industry. Many years ago, I was a designer of flight control computers for Airbus and I remember at that time how uncomfortable I felt about [...]


To subdue the enemy without fighting is the supreme excellence

I am excited today to be able to talk about a new product that I had to keep quiet about for some time. First of all some disclosure. I am on the Technical Advisory Board of Jasper Design Automation and it was associated with that role that I first learned about some developments that they [...]


The Verification Wave

Many things in our industry go in cycles. Perhaps the most famous of these is Makimoto’s wave which identifies the cyclic oscillation between standardized and customized semiconductors with a 10-year cycle.

An email exchange with one of my clients and an article in Mentor’s latest issue of Verification News reminded me of another wave in [...]

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