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Grappling with Model-Based Design

A couple of weeks ago I saw a press release go by. The title was “Faraday Accelerates the Development of SoCs with Model-Based Design”. They claimed that this helped them speed up simulation by more than 200X and reduce gate count by more than 50%. Not bad I thought. But then I stopped to think [...]


Am I Getting Old?

For several decades, the pace of technology development has continued to accelerate. Technologies that used to take years to see significant adoption now seem to happen overnight and the number of things that get integrated together keeps rising. But it seems equally important that everything we buy becomes obsolete as quickly as possible so that [...]


Stimulus done right

Stimulus should provide a return on the investment made. The ROI for potholes must be pretty low, but the ROI for making kids excited about engineering is huge. Robots are one way to do that.


The simulator is no longer enough

It seems as if all of the major EDA vendors have now come to the realization that RTL simulation is just not a total solution anymore. Gone are the days when it was the one tool that would be used for all aspects verification from implementation through integration to system-level tests. For a while the [...]


I am back and welcome to “The ESL Edge”

It has been about 18 months since I was actively blogging on this site and it feels good to be back. In the last incarnation, I blogged on the Verification Vertigo feed. This time, I am changing the scope a little to blog about the emerging area of ESL. I intend to talk about languages, [...]


Webcast: EDA-ESL and More Ideas from DAC

I listened in today to a webcast titled EDA-ESL and More Ideas from DAC. Quite what this had to do with DAC I am not sure, but it contained speakers from Mentor (Shabtay Matalon), Cadence (Jason Andrews), and Synopsys(Frank Schirrmeister) talking about their ESL strategies.
Several things were common to all of the presentation including:

They all [...]


Randal Bryant wins Kaufmann award for 2009

Randal E. Bryant joins Aart de Geus, Phil Moorby, Joe Costello, Richard Newton, Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Hugo De Man, Carver A. Mead and other EDA industry greats in being presented with the Phil Kaufman award (2009) for his contributions to the EDA industry. Randy was singled out for his contributions in the formal verification space.

Dr. [...]


No more press releases!!

We have suspected for some time now, that EDA is in trouble. We has seen analyst coverage decline, VC funding decline. Profits decline. Many startup companies have disappeared. We have seen many publications disappear because of a lack of advertising dollars. We have seen many of the editors or columnists let go and some [...]


Is DAC dying?

People came to DAC this year wanting to be depressed. The industry is in bad shape, the organizing committee made mistakes in taking away free Monday – you name it, I have heard the excuses about why they did not expect much. As I walked through the doors of the Moscone center I was greeted [...]


When tradegy meets reality

The loss of Air France flight 447 is a tragedy principally in terms of human life, but also in the possible knock-on effect that it could have in the high-tech industry. Many years ago, I was a designer of flight control computers for Airbus and I remember at that time how uncomfortable I felt about [...]

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