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To the Virtual Prototype and Beyond

Ah, the joys of summer vacations and scheduling around them. I was disappointed that Synopsys was to have a press release while I was on vacation – especially when it was on one of my favorite topics – virtual prototypes. To make matters worse, by the time I got back, their key guy was about [...]


Design Evolution locks you into Local Minima

Last week I was helping a friend put on an art exhibition in Columbia, CA, a preserved gold mining town from the mid 1800s. I wrote about that in my personal blog. In the few hours that I had free, I went to nearby Jamestown – a historic short line railway that has been turned [...]


The simulator is no longer enough

It seems as if all of the major EDA vendors have now come to the realization that RTL simulation is just not a total solution anymore. Gone are the days when it was the one tool that would be used for all aspects verification from implementation through integration to system-level tests. For a while the [...]


There is C, C and oh yes C

In the early days of ESL, one of the rally cries was that both hardware and software engineers would finally use the same language and thus it would be possible to have a single group of engineers develop a system from concept to implementation without having to worry about what would eventually run on a [...]


Interview with Tom Sandoval, CEO of Calypto

At DAC, I missed an appointment with a company CEO. While I had excuses, at the end of the day I just blew it. Many CEO’s would have said, you had your chance and lost it, but not Tom Sandoval at Calypto. He hardly seemed bothered, or at least did not show it when [...]


Innovations in formal verification

Last week, I received another press release from Jasper Design Automation that talked about advances they have made in a number of areas, including performance (a 2X increase in speed/memory footprint), packaging (common backend for several front ends) and technical (introduction of quiet trace and more parallel operations). This is not the first major [...]


DAC: From the perspective of a start-up company

DAC is still a big deal for our industry. It brings together researchers, EDA vendors and users to share information and ideas. I recently had the pleasure of talking to Chris Kappler, a founder of a small startup that will be at DAC for the first time this year.
Brian: First of all can you [...]


Free simulator – for now.

Imperas has been providing a free ESL simulator and models called Open Virtual Platforms (OVP) since their OVPWorld site went live a year or so ago. Recently, they did a survey of their users to find out the demand for a Linux version and also to gauge if the market would be willing to [...]

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