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There is C, C and oh yes C

In the early days of ESL, one of the rally cries was that both hardware and software engineers would finally use the same language and thus it would be possible to have a single group of engineers develop a system from concept to implementation without having to worry about what would eventually run on a [...]


A Plethora of Hierarchies

It wasn’t so very long ago that the high-level synthesis vendors were arguing over the correct language to use.  Should it be C, C++, SystemC or some other language, such as M? Their arguments ranged over several issues including which was more abstract, which was faster to write, simulate and debug, which one contained more [...]


Shame on you big EDA companies!

An important piece of standards work is being undertaken within Accellera. It is the creation of a standard API related to coverage data and is being conducted under the UCIS committee. 18 months ago, a request for donations was made. All of the major EDA companies declined to accept the possibility. They stated at [...]


When is the time right?

Most of the time, standards get created after the EDA industry knows what it wants. This is either because a defacto standard has already emerged, or the industry has enough knowledge to be confident in the solution it is creating. In other cases, such as the recent developments in the Unified Coverage Interoperability group [...]


EDA Standards

For the EDA industry, standards are traditionally defined by the EDA companies. While end users often attend the first few meetings of a new standards venture, few of them have the time or inclination to spend the many hours it takes to work through the technical details or the politics. As a result, many [...]

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