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Don’t listen to the experts. They have it backwards.

Brian Bailey says that the experts have it all wrong. Companies should concentrate on good design, not just the latest technology.


Accuracy does not imply accuracy!!

It is always great to receive compliments after giving a presentation. While many people may say good job, or nice presentation, it is even better when you get the kinds of comments I received after a presentation I gave at the DAC Workshop for virtual platforms in San Francisco on Wednesday morning. To put [...]


Is DAC dying?

People came to DAC this year wanting to be depressed. The industry is in bad shape, the organizing committee made mistakes in taking away free Monday – you name it, I have heard the excuses about why they did not expect much. As I walked through the doors of the Moscone center I was greeted [...]


DAC: From the perspective of a start-up company

DAC is still a big deal for our industry. It brings together researchers, EDA vendors and users to share information and ideas. I recently had the pleasure of talking to Chris Kappler, a founder of a small startup that will be at DAC for the first time this year.
Brian: First of all can you [...]


Guest Blog: Limor Fix – Verification session at DAC

Limor Fix writes:
I am very proud of DAC’s program this year. As usual, the program is so rich that it is impossible to cover all of it in only a few words. Thus, I have chosen to tell you about one of the many “diamonds” in the DAC technical program.

Session 28, “Jumping the High-Level Verification [...]


DAC- no free day?

At DAC this year, they are not offering a free day into the exhibition. I can’t help but think that this is a bad decision, especially given that it is being held in the Bay Area. Many conferences are showing large declines in attendance, and this is one feature that has drawn a lot of [...]


DAC Countdown – New Companies 2009

The countdown to DAC has started. The program is now posted on the DAC website, and the companies who will be there, or not be there is known (there will always be some last minute changes). Last year I posted a blog entry about the new companies that will be at DAC, especially focusing on [...]


DVCon goes off the rails

I have just received my program guide for DVCon and let’s just say I was less than happy with what I saw. DVCon had been building into a nice conference that had many useful papers. As I started to read through the program for this year, I started to see lots of papers from the [...]


Dynamic vs Formal papers – lets be fair!

I have just returned from the Haifa Verification Conference in Israel, and I have to say – what a wonderful little conference. This was originally an internal event for the IBM research labs in Haifa to share their experiences and research with each other, but opened it up to all verification experts some years ago. [...]


Luck happens

Those who hope to be lucky rarely are. Those who plan to be lucky meet with much more success.

While you cannot make luck happen, you most certainly can stack the odds in your favor. This was a thought that came to me while trying to deal with a close family member. As a young [...]

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