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Accuracy does not imply accuracy!!

It is always great to receive compliments after giving a presentation. While many people may say good job, or nice presentation, it is even better when you get the kinds of comments I received after a presentation I gave at the DAC Workshop for virtual platforms in San Francisco on Wednesday morning. To put [...]


Is DAC dying?

People came to DAC this year wanting to be depressed. The industry is in bad shape, the organizing committee made mistakes in taking away free Monday – you name it, I have heard the excuses about why they did not expect much. As I walked through the doors of the Moscone center I was greeted [...]


Innovations in formal verification

Last week, I received another press release from Jasper Design Automation that talked about advances they have made in a number of areas, including performance (a 2X increase in speed/memory footprint), packaging (common backend for several front ends) and technical (introduction of quiet trace and more parallel operations). This is not the first major [...]


DAC: From the perspective of a start-up company

DAC is still a big deal for our industry. It brings together researchers, EDA vendors and users to share information and ideas. I recently had the pleasure of talking to Chris Kappler, a founder of a small startup that will be at DAC for the first time this year.
Brian: First of all can you [...]

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