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DAC- no free day?

At DAC this year, they are not offering a free day into the exhibition. I can’t help but think that this is a bad decision, especially given that it is being held in the Bay Area. Many conferences are showing large declines in attendance, and this is one feature that has drawn a lot of [...]


Free simulator – for now.

Imperas has been providing a free ESL simulator and models called Open Virtual Platforms (OVP) since their OVPWorld site went live a year or so ago. Recently, they did a survey of their users to find out the demand for a Linux version and also to gauge if the market would be willing to [...]


DAC Countdown – New Companies 2009

The countdown to DAC has started. The program is now posted on the DAC website, and the companies who will be there, or not be there is known (there will always be some last minute changes). Last year I posted a blog entry about the new companies that will be at DAC, especially focusing on [...]

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