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Unintended consequences

We hear a lot about unintended consequences in the economy these days. When the government or some other organization meddles with something, things happen that they had not thought about or intended. Today I saw that Richard Goering is now the senior manager for technical communications at Cadence. Looking back at SCDsource, it has [...]


What a charming little book!

What a charming little book! If that sounds in any ways demeaning, then that is not at all what is meant. A few weeks ago, Ray Salemi, an applications engineering consultant from Mentor Graphics, sent me a pre-publication copy of his new book entitled “FPGA Simulation. A complete Step-by-Step Guide.” Most books set out [...]


Hybrid prototype – are we there yet?

In a recent Synopsys press release they talked about the advances that they were making in their Confirma™ and CHIPit® product lines. Clive Maxfield did an excellent write-up of this in Programmable Logic DesignLine which I will not repeat here. Along with the press release, Synopsys also sent out a number of frequently asked [...]

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