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Bye bye Cadence

Last week it was CDNlive down in San Jose, the Cadence captive conference where they showcase all of their new and exciting technologies and share their roadmaps with their customers. I was there for two days and presented a session on Wednesday afternoon about the application of mutation analysis to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of verification. The session was well attended and by the number and depth of the questions afterwards it was clear that my message was hitting home and they really wanted to see how this could help them improve their existing methodologies. If you want me to perform a similar talk at your company, then please let me know and we can schedule a session – brian_bailey at acm dot org

Afterwards I was talking with a group of Cadence employees. They said that the total cost to put on such a show was significantly less than what they usually had spent on DAC. In addition they did not have to constantly look over their shoulders to see if someone was listening in to their conversations and the quality of the people who attended was so much higher than the leads they got from DAC. One person asked if they thought Cadence would ever go back to DAC. The consensus answer was – I don’t see why we would ever want to return to DAC.

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    John Blyler Says:

    Believe CDNLive was designed at the start – by Casey – to be self-sufficient. So the comparison is not apples to apples. Still, I agree with your conclusion, Brian.

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    Sean Murphy Says:

    There is always strong value in a user group and communicating privately with your current customers. Not enough EDA vendors do enough to actually have a conversation with their customers. Full points for Cadence in doing so at CDNLive.

    A trade show like DAC allows you to interact with prospects–potential new customers. It’s also a bigger draw than a single vendor (or even single vendor ecosystem) show. To the extent that Cadence wants to launch new products that carry them beyond their current customers they will need to do more than CDNLive style events.

    Peter Drucker in his 1994 HBR article “The Theory of the Business” offers an example of what happened to the traditional department stores who had high customer satisfaction as they were shrinking: by not talking to any non-customers they missed emerging trends in the market. Clearly Cadence is already shrinking on a revenue basis, I would suspect that avoiding trade shows and other forums that would allow them to interact with non-customers will only allow them to continue to shrink more cost effectively.

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    SKMurphy » Non-Customers Are Where Important Changes Often Start Says:

    [...] left a comment on September 25 (I only mention this to be clear that I am not “piling on” after the recent executive [...]

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    Sean Murphy Says:

    What a difference a few months can make. Cadence has converted 2009 CDNLive into a series of webinars and is back at DAC with a much bigger footprint than 2008. In fact they are vectoring their customers to DAC for face to face meetings. See

    CDNLive! conferences give Cadence technology users around the world an opportunity to exchange ideas with their peers as well as with Cadence technologists. However, the current global financial environment is impacting everyone in the electronics industry, including many of our customers. Fewer resources are available to dedicate to critical projects. And travel budgets are limited.

    To better accommodate our customers, who have expressed concerns over their ability to travel and take time away from their desks, we have decided to host this year’s CDNLive! Silicon Valley event as a series of webinars. These webinars will be an excellent opportunity for users to share their work and present their papers to an even larger audience—and a wider range of their peers—than what was anticipated at the face-to-face conference.

    Our presence at DAC in San Francisco in July will provide an opportunity to meet face-to-face with customers. And this year’s CDNLive! events in Japan, Taiwan, Israel, and India will proceed as planned. We feel the decision to deliver this year’s CDNLive! Silicon Valley as a series of webinars is the right way to help our customers achieve productivity, predictability, and reliability.

    Further details on the Webinar Series schedule will be posted as available.

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    Brian Bailey Says:

    Thanks for adding that Sean. As you say, it is interesting how things can change. Do you know if they intend to do “user” webinars which would have been a part of CDNLive, or will this just be Cadence information and demos?

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