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Congrats to NuSym

NuSym, one of the companies vying for the emerging intelligent testbench space, has just managed to raise $8M in venture funding to help bring their technology to market. This is on top of the $8M they received back in 2005 when they were exploring the technology. As I wrote about in a previous blog, intelligent testbenches are potentially one of the game changing technologies that could put pseudo random generation into a decline, just as it is getting traction in the marketplace.

Back when everyone created directed test, teams of test developers hand wrote testcases to exercise the important aspects of a device. This was high in human capital and the methodologies associated with it were not extensively developed, such that these tests were not reusable, maintainable or many other able’s.

Then along came constrained random techniques that traded off the human capital with a smaller amount of more highly skilled labor and lots of computers to automatically generate and simulate huge quantities of tests. Productivity soared – or did it?

Now the third generation of verification solutions promises to pare back the large amount of wasted resources that constrained random injected into the equation. It is too early to tell yet if they will succeed, but we desperately need something to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the verification process.

Good luck to NuSym and all of the other companies pushing into this space!!

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