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Shame on you big EDA companies!

An important piece of standards work is being undertaken within Accellera. It is the creation of a standard API related to coverage data and is being conducted under the UCIS committee. 18 months ago, a request for donations was made. All of the major EDA companies declined to accept the possibility. They stated at [...]


Flexibility is a key talent

I have just returned from England, where I helped my parents celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary – an event where even the Queen sends them a congratulatory card.

Just a little under a year ago, I helped them move from the house they had lived in for 50 years, the one in which I had [...]


Slow, Cumbersome and Incomplete

With the recent announcement of nVidia purchasing rights to use the Transmeta power optimizing portfolio of patents I though it was time to talk about the problems of low power and verification. A recent book by Synopsys and ARM was disappointing in that it really did not address this issue at all, just saying that [...]

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