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When is the time right?

Most of the time, standards get created after the EDA industry knows what it wants. This is either because a defacto standard has already emerged, or the industry has enough knowledge to be confident in the solution it is creating. In other cases, such as the recent developments in the Unified Coverage Interoperability group [...]


Positive and Negative Verification

In a previous blog, I talked about the differences between verification and validation. What can confuse those definitions even more is when we start looking at verification in a hierarchical manner. This hierarchical process also brings in another fundamental distinction, namely that of positive and negative verification. In the book ESL Design and Verification [...]


The Verification Wave

Many things in our industry go in cycles. Perhaps the most famous of these is Makimoto’s wave which identifies the cyclic oscillation between standardized and customized semiconductors with a 10-year cycle.

An email exchange with one of my clients and an article in Mentor’s latest issue of Verification News reminded me of another wave in [...]

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